Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where does the bride of Christ come from?

 Because of the sin of the first Adam, society sinks deeper into the mire of sin and guilt. But thank God, there’s another Adam - a Second Adam - God’s Son. God provided a bride for that first Adam - Eve was created from a rib that God took out of Adam’s side when he was in a deep sleep.
 Likewise God also has provided a bride for the second Adam. We are that bride. And in order to get His bride, Christ’s side was also pierced - it was pierced as He hung there upon the cross at Golgotha. But there was no deep sleep for Him. There was no anesthesia. Even a mild form of vinegar and gall was refused by Christ, that He might experience the pain that sin properly deserves. This pain is something we must endure forever if He does not endure it for us.

-D. James Kennedy, 
Cross Purposes, 
Multnomah Publishers, 2007, pg. 62.

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