Saturday, June 26, 2010

Prayer requested

This year I've been asked to speak at a session at the UK Pastors and leaders conference. It's a tremendous privilege and honour. I had my sermon all worked out and printed Tuesday morning as I got onto my flight from Cork to London Stansted. Tuesday afternoon as I was taking the train in to central London I felt the Lord put an entirely different section of scripture on my heart. He has been giving me a great peace about what I will be sharing at the conference, even though I haven't had hardly any time to sit down and plot out my points and outline the message yet. Would you please join me in prayer for this message? Please ask God for brokenhearted boldness and contrite courage as I share from the Word with my brothers and fellow pastors this coming week.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Prayer in the midst of the storm

O God, make speed to save us.

We have sinned, O Lord, we have sinned, spare our sins,

And save us; Thou who guidedst Noah over the flood waves,

Hear us; Who with Thy word recalledst Jonah from the abyss;

Deliver us; Who stretchedst forth Thy hand to Peter as he sank, help us,

O Christ Son of God, Thou didst the marvelous things of the Lord with our fathers, be favourable in our days also;

Stretch forth Thy hand from on high.

Deliver us, O Christ.

Hear us, O Christ.

-Stowe Missal

9th Century A.D.