Friday, July 8, 2011

Jesus is Better

In this epistle... Everything presented is presented as better:
a better hope, 
a better covenant, 
a better promise, 
a better sacrifice, 
a better substance, 
a better country, 
a better resurrection, 
a better everything. 
Jesus Christ is presented here as the Supreme Best.
And we are presented as being in Him and as dwelling in a completely new dimension – the heavenlies.
We read of the heavenly Christ, 
the heavenly calling, 
the heavenly gift, 
the heavenly country, 
the heavenly Jerusalem, 
and of our names being written in the heavenlies.
Everything is new. Everything is better. We don’t need the old.

-John MacArthur, commenting on the Epistle to the Hebrews


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  2. MacArthur holds the view that on Christ's 3rd advent there will be an earthly country and an earthly Jerusalem where Christ will physically sit on David's throne in a still cursed and sinful world as well as a return to animal sacrifice. When does he believe these truths mentioned in Hebrews will become fully consummated?