Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jesus truly was one of us.

As we behold the mystery of His tears, hunger and thirst, let us remember that the one who wept also raised the dead to life, rejoicing for Lazarus. 
From the very One who thirsted flowed rivers of living water. 
He who hungered was able to wither the fig tree which offered no fruit for His hunger. 
How could this be, that He who was able to strike the green tree dead merely by His word could also have a nature that could hunger? 
This was the mystery of His hunger, grief, and thirst, that the Word was assuming flesh. 
His humanity was entirely exposed to our weakness, yet even then His glory was not wholly put away as He suffered these indignities. 
His weeping was not for Himself, His thirst was not for water, nor His hunger merely for food. He did not eat or drink or weep just to satisfy His appetites. Rather, in His incarnate humbling He was demonstrating the reality of His own body by hungering, by doing what human nature does. And when He ate and drank, it was not a concession to some necessity external to Himself, but to show His full participation in the human condition. 
Hilary of Poiters (c. 315 – c. 367) 

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