Saturday, January 14, 2012

How Should We Assemble?

There should be some preparation of the heart in coming to worship God. Consider who He is in whose name we gather, and surely we cannot rush together without thought. Consider whom we profess to worship, and we shall not hurry into His presence as men run to a fire. Moses, the man of God, was warned to put off his shoes from his feet when God only revealed Himself in a bush. How should we prepare ourselves when we come to Him who revealed Himself in Christ Jesus, His dear Son? There should be no stumbling into worship half asleep, no roaming here as if it were no more than a playhouse. We cannot expect to profit much if we bring with us a swarm of idle thoughts and a heart crammed with vanity. If we are full of folly, we may shut out the truth of God from our minds.
Charles Spurgeon, as quoted by Wayne Mack, Life in the Father’s House, P&R Press, 1996 Pg. 101

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