Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How Does God Reveal Himself To Us? (pt 2)

Thus we reach the final thought of comparison: that of the approach of God to man through Moses, and the approach of God to man through Jesus. The difference may be discovered by the reading of the twentieth chapter of Exodus in close connection with the twenty seventh chapter of Matthew, which, of course, simply means the comparison between Sinai and Calvary.
Through Moses, God spoke to men in thunder, in cloud, in lightning, in the terror of the tempest, and earthquake. Through Jesus He spoke through a broken, bruised and dying Man Who was infinitely more than Man. By Sinai came the law. By Calvary came the flowing the river of grace.
-God’s Last Word to Man, G. Campbell Morgan, Marshall, Morgan & Scott, Ltd, 1948, pg. 36

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