Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jesus Leads Many Sons To Glory

The goal of His marvelous purpose is to ‘bring many sons (and daughters) to glory.’ In the Old Testament the theme of the Lord’s leading His people is familiar, particularly Israel’s exodus from Egypt (Exodus 3:8, 6:6-7, 7:4-5, etc) where God’s mighty action is underscored. As the elect people of Yahweh, Israel knew from the beginning of it’s history that the Lord was its ‘Leader’. 
For the author of Hebrews the typological significance of God leading His people out of Egypt is obvious. Language that describes this event is deliberately employed by our author to describe God’s action of leading many contemporary sons and daughters to glory. It is cast in terms of a new exodus with believers as ‘the new Exodus generation’.
Peter O’Brien, The Letter to the Hebrews, Apollos Press, Nottingham, Pg. 104

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